The 30 Year Gap is a gritty, edgy, rock band for all ages. Performing in various set-ups such as the rock band, the trio, the duo, they play a very eclectic selection of the 'hits you forgot that you missed' as well as some of the more standard songs that have become embedded in our collective memories. You wont get songs that have been 'done to death', but you will not be disappointed by what you do get - You can be assured, you will be pleasantly surprised by the tunes that this band bring you. In quantity, and quality.

 The core of "The 30 Year Gap":

Mark Hardman- Vocals and Guitar

Ian Johnson-Vocals and Guitar

Rob Hibbard - Drums

Richard D'Souza - Bass Guitar

Other members:

Occasionally "Gap" core members are not available, so we have some great mates that help us out from time to time, and  only the best will do:

Emily Daye

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