The "Gaps" prime focus has been pubs and rock venues throughout Victoria and New South Wales prior to 2010 and several residencies and private functions up until COVID struck. The Gap have no management and work purely through word of mouth.

From performances in their own right to support high profile celebrities, The 30 Year Gap have proven themselves for delivering entertaining, professional shows, putting reliability to the forefront of their business. This is why the "Gap's" lineup varies from time to time, ensuring that despite rain, sleet, or snow, the 'show will go on'.

What to expect at a pub gig?

The 'Gap' 'guitarize' everything they do. From the 50's rock'n'roll classics Lucille and Honey Don't, the 60's classics I'm a Believer, Steppingstone, Love Her Madly, Baby Please Don't Go, Sunshine of Your Love and Crunchy Granola Suite, Daddy Cool - Eagle Rock, At The Rockhouse, Come Back Again and Hi Honey Ho. The 70's Angels - Am I Ever, Take A Long Line, Marseilles, No Secrets. Dragon - April Sun,  ACDC and more. The 80's 'Tainted Love', The Cars, The Commitments, INXS, Brian Addams, to the 90's retro rock classics. The 'Gap' re-riff and 'raunch'ify to please.

They certainly cover popular songs and hits - but not usually the ones you might expect - including music by bands such as Tom Petty, The Beatles, The Travelling Wilburries, ACDC, Brian Ferry, Foo Fighters, Matchbox 20, Radiohead, Creedence, REM, Cream, Pink Floyd, Gary Moore, The Monkees, Bad Company, The Doors, The Cars, ZZ Top, Skyhooks and many, many, more.

But don't get the idea the 'Gap' are a heavy rock band. They are a party band. They just don't want not to play the stuff that everybody else plays. You want to dance? The 'Gap' will play stuff that you want to dance to. You want to sit and listen? The 'Gap' will accommodate with a plethora of grooving foot tappers. The 'Gap's' lead guitarist was interviewed on a popular morning TV show during a live cross to one of their shows (they just happened to be in the right place at the right time). He was asked if they would play the interviewers favourite song, to which he replied ... "Ohhh, you want something sweet? Welllllllll .. if we are in the mood...", he smiled and said, "The 'Gap' don't do 'sweet' ... unless you make it worth our while .. wink wink!"

A recent comment from one punter went something like this; "I couldn't name many of the songs in that last set but I knew em all. I loved it!" 

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